If a mobile platform is not developer friendly, the developer will less inclined to it and lean on another one. Therefore, for a client who wants to have a mobile app for its business or an app entrepreneur who wish to see some good fortunes in the marketplace, should think of developer perspective too, to attain definite success.

In due course, some surveys had carried out and found out that iOS is more developer friendly against Android and others. Therefore, in this post, we will evaluate why iOS is more favorite mobile OS platform for a developer perspective.

Least Fragmented
Apple is a proprietary platform, so it keeps hardware as well as software development under its control. Moreover, it is continually improving both in a sync manner. Therefore, mobile app developers have to think of only a few previous version compatibility for OS and hardware.

Therefore, their designing and programming tasks become comfortable and leave more rooms for creativity. Similarly, testing efforts and cost keep at bay and help in security improvements too.

In the case of Android, severe fragmentations in software and hardware eat significant time, cost, and resources of a mobile app development company compared to iOS and developers avoid jumping on Android.

Security Features
Security at OS platform level is one of the biggest concern for any mobile developer in order to produce highly secure and safe application for the clients. Fortunately, Apple is more active and implements its guidelines strictly during app approval process.

Moreover, Apple is addressing the security aspects beautifully on iOS levels.it is delivering the robust hardware with improved security features in each new release or version. It hardly any other mobile OS platform can do.

Development Technologies & Tools
For a mobile developer, the support of the platform for technologies and tools is vital to bring creativity into the final products. Fortunately, iOS has made awesome endeavors to deliver developer friendly technologies like Swift against the Objective-C.

The Xcode and SDKs of iOS are enormous and better in comparison to its rivals. The development environment offers advanced features such as Interface Builder and ViewControllers to meet the needs of highly complex and challenging app development.

For data driven app development, CoreData framework backed by SQLite database management is excellent choice for the iOS app developers to face intricate data structure and its management compared to other mobile OS platforms.

Platform UX
Late Steve Job had put much stress on UX against the technological advancements. Therefore, iOS platform has more users that are affluent and ready to pay for the excellence compared to its rival.

Thus, iOS app development is more rewarding than Android and others. The iOS lures developers to bet on the innovations, creativity, and investment. Similarly, app entrepreneurs and businesses see a quality audience on iOS devices and run for good ROI for their dream projects.