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Emergence of Sky Language

Sky language or name of language comes from nothing but it is Dart language developed by team of Google working on Chrome and its V8 JavaScript engine. Besides, on the web Google now want Dart to use in Android development, and for Android as well as iOS platform. Therefore, it has given it a new name as Sky. If we look at the properties, features, and functionality of the Dart closely, we will have immediate ideas that why Google has invested behind modernization of decade old Dart.

Dart as Base of Sky Language

It is open source web programming language to run on browsers, but it relies on a source-to-source compiler to JavaScript. Therefore, it has potential to work for Android like mobile platforms.
  • Dart is class-based script
  • It has single inheritance
  • It is OOP language for modern app programming
  • It is C-style syntax so easy to learn and write code
  • It supports interfaces
  • It supports abstract classes
  • It reifies generics
  • It has option typing therefore its static type annotations do not affect the runtime semantics to program
  • It provides out-of-box tools like static checkers and dynamic runtime checkers

Goals of Sky

Google want to make the next generation Android language with some specified goals such as fast and responsive. However, both goals are contrasting in practical because when you make it fast and you are going to achieve 120FPS (Or Hz) against present smoothness standards of animation frame running speed, you have to scarify the responsiveness of the rests of UI.
Fortunately, Sky has capabilities to rendering entire animation frames in 1.2 ms or milliseconds against expectations of 16 ms or say up to 8 ms to reach 120 FPS goal. Now question is how Sky can achieve such super speed and responsiveness together. The real secrete behind it is the way Dart has made and work. Let’s take a brief review.
Three Ways to Run Dart Code
  1. Compiling code as JavaScript: Dart or Sky has dart2js compiler that compiles code of Sky into JavaScript. Thus, it becomes ubiquitous on all modern browsers. Due to optimized outputs from dart2js compiler, developers can avoid expensive checks and operations so code run faster than equivalent hand written code using JavaScript idioms.
  2. Development in Dartium Browser: Google has made Dart VM using Chromium browser version especially made for the development purpose and it ships with Dart SDK hence, this Dartium browser run Dart code without any compilation to JavaScript.
  3. Stand-Along Dart VM: Beside, Dartium browser, Dart SDK also ships a stand-alone virtual machine and language tool to compile code and accomplish development related tasks. It also has a management suit called pub as a package as well as a complete standard library to empower Android app developers to write fully functional system apps including custom web servers.
Isolates to Achieve Concurrency
Fundamentally, isolates in Sky are web workers and don’t consume memories instead, use message passing way to work.
Snapshots for Runtime
Snapshots files have objects and other runtime data, which are stored to speed up the Dart VM process. There are different snapshots such as:
  • Script snapshots: allows super-fast startup times
  • Full snapshots: by compiling Dart libraries into snapshots files, it facilitates super-fast loading of libraries.
  • Object snapshots: being an asynchronous language it has to serialize message to pass so it uses snapshots of objects and again it uses isolate for de-serialization to retain its asynchronous properties.
Now, modern Android app developers are eyeing at Sky language evolution in hopes to code for cross-platform code that can ease them to beat the fragmentation issues on Android as well as on the mobile landscape itself by offering iOS competing apps through Android tools. Mindinventory is a team of such advanced android application developers who can create futuristic Android applications for your bespoken needs at premium rates.