mobile application development

Creating walkthrough, offering user guidance, and issuing the tips in a contextual manner are some of the techniques of onboarding. The core function of onboarding is to offer guidance for the beginners of the application or website. Initially, we were doing it by offering some guide documents mostly in e-book style formats or in web page style format in help menu.

With the pace of time, we went to the mobile landscape and touch gestures have induced enough intricacy in usage of an application, be it a smaller one or a highly complex one. Take for example, recently developed air gestures, body gestures, and voice commands are much complicated for a common-man to comprehend without prior knowledge.

When We Need Onboarding Techniques

Thus, onboarding techniques are essential to learn and implement in recent advanced mobile application development for all sorts of mobile app developers.
In short, we need onboarding techniques in following conditions or use cases:
  • In unfamiliar interactions or UIs
  • When default state is empty on UI
  • When app is part of a suite of products
  • When app relies on personal info

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