android app developer

Google has spent a lot of their resources to help Android app developers create quality apps these past few years. The focus for the company has been to create quality development tools that can speed up the app development process, reduce testing times and bring in more stability.

As part of this effort, Google has now introduced a Search Console, formerly known as webmaster tools. Webmaster tools, as most web developers would know, help websites to track and index its content efficiently with optimization. Search Console does the same for Android in-app content. Also, Google has introduced a new feature called Fetch, which we will come to in a second.

The Search Console

The great thing about the development is the access to in-depth Search Analytics report for developers. It gives all the necessary information, and there are comprehensive set of filters for developers to use, showing stats based on user behavior. You can sort them by specific query, region, clicks, impressions, CTR, and positions. This report compares searched in-app content and which content gets most clicks. For developers, if both the stats match, the app is performing fine. If they do not match, then a Crawl Error Report shows up with number of errors. The developer will have to eliminate these errors on their end.  

You can even add websites associated with the app, which is required for effective app indexing. It will be able to rank your content much better. As far as developer goes, he will be able to create an app that Google understands and indexes.


The other tool that Google introduced is Fetch. It helps to check if an app URL works or not. This becomes useful while comparing in-app content with web content to remove all kinds of errors. Now using this tool, the developer can effectively optimize their app and improve upon the quality.

Google also mentioned that mobile searches have overtaken the PC searches in major countries like USA, Japan and many more.

Ensuring quality mobile content is a priority for any developer. To aid them, this tool just seems to be perfect.  The development will allow developers to create more indexable content and deep link them easily.