Present mobile app development market is booming and Google Play store is witnessing record number of Android applications on the sale/download. Despite such huge presence of apps, Android developers are under pressure from the businesses to create more apps with more uniqueness and innovations to meet their extremely bespoken needs.

Therefore, time-to-market is the first condition that needs to meet for each android application development company or team along with quality and price. Thus, it becomes crucial for Android developers to evolve the best development practices for:

  • Development methodology
  • Technologies
  • Designing
  • Performance optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • User experiences
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Project management
  • And instant supports

However, these Android app development practices alone are not sufficient to attain desired success in marketplaces, but surely offer great foundation to climb ladders of success and most importantly offer good framework for a team to get started. Let’s check some vital and significant designing and programming practices in due course.

Do Enough Prior Research
Without enough understandings of your target audience, client’s business, client’s expectations starting any project means lot of forth-and-backs. Therefore, run in-depth research prior to do anything even planning of development or selection of development methodology. Think of user experiences and usability as well as cost-effectiveness as second thoughts.
Similarly, research on competitors will offer you true picture of market and may grant you some good lessons to learn from their smartness as well as from their mistakes. Particularly when you run research in the same niche or category ideas of your app/project, you will have good insights to take advancements in your Android app development work.

Target User Experiences & Usability
Since we are living in UX era and technologies, are great instruments to attain excellence in offering the best user experiences, with the least trade-offs. Similarly, usability and ease of use may help you to optimize adoption and acceptance rates of your Android applications across the marketplaces.

Keep Eyes on Incoming Technologies
If you don’t aware of the latest market trends and technologies, you may feel setbacks at some points. Therefore, always try to integrate and learn incoming technologies in Android as well as mobile application development field such as:
Cloud Computing
Native languages, tools, and techniques may help you little when you are dealing with big scale projects. Therefore, try to cloud technologies, particularly MBaaS to build cross-platform and fragmentation beating mobile apps with quick turnover and cost-effectiveness. Cloud services enable you to work in collaborative manner with big teams of designers and developers as well as offer you wide range of testing tools and devices to get effective quality through rigorous testing and reporting.

Encryption Technologies
Security is prime concern for certain categories of Android applications including e-commerce, finance, sensitive data driven applications, and enterprise applications where tons of business secretes are traveling through network. Therefore, Android app developers or teams have to keep in touch with the latest and efficient data encryption technologies, two-factor authentication, de-identifying user data (hasing), and use of secure private cloud services to grant your client and their end-users the maximum security.

Unfortunately, finding such high-end Android developers or teams or companies are tough to do task even on freelance services hubs so always try to catch them through reliable references in social or professional circles and don’t forget the Android app development company Mindinventory, which is working with such talents and at cost-effective rates.