Well, that’s the question on every app entrepreneur’s mind. After all, how much do they pay for an app? If you’re not careful, you can overshoot your budget easily. That being said, you need to have a rough idea as to how much you need to spend for making your app. The rough idea states that you pay more according to the complexity of the app – but how much exactly do you need to pay?

Understanding the complexities
For a startup, cost is major constraints in developing an idea into an app. Until complete, the cost for development of application cannot be estimated. However, there is one application that is specifically designed for estimating the cost of your dream application.   

A Montreal based company named Crew, has developed an application called How Much to Make an. Crew is a marketplace where talented software developers from all around the world are connected. The app is useful tool if you want to learn how it will cost you to build an application.

How does it work?
It is application that will ask you some basic question about your application. At the end, you will get an approximate estimation of you project. It asks following questions:

1. Platform
The first question, it asks is for which platform you want build the application. You can choose android or iOS or both.

2. User Login
Next, it will ask whether app needs login or not. In case, login is required than does it require email or user can use social login like Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus. If have not planned for login, you also have option of I don’t Know.

3. Personal profile
Some application require app to maintain profile of user. Does your application require users to provide personal information, which can be viewed publicly.

4. Monetary options
How you plan to make money from app. It has four options. First upfront cost, which means user will have to buy the application to use it. Second, user will have to make in-app purchase to utilize the app to fullest. Third, you do not plan to make money out of it and forth is I don’t know.

5. Rate or Review app
This question gives the app an idea what app does. Is it review app or rating app?

6. Web connection
Next question is whether app connects to your website or not.

7. Look
This question checks how you plan to make the interface and look of the app.

8. Icon
Do you need an icon for it?

The series question will be followed by the result. Check how much you dream app will cost – it might not cost as much as you’d think!