Once an isolated endeavor, programming today is one of the most promising career paths. But why did this change take place? With the indulgence of open source and cloud repositories, coding is now a team sport. All participants can now see the comments and commit histories along with all the details.

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Coding - The Right Way to Go!

This is indeed one of the major ways why coding became an interesting aspect for the developers and team managers. The demand for Web and mobile applications' developer is touching the sky along with a promising recognition and especially for those who showcase inclination over the business side as well.
The InfoWorld's 2015 Developer Survey
Have your say as a developer and what you feel about this career path. Do you love it or there are areas of concerns that you would want others to know about? With all these transformations in mind, the InfoWorld's 2015 developer survey has been launched. There are a number of things to segregate the developers based on a variety of technical factors.
One of the most obvious categories was the programming language. Some of the most common languages are C, C++, C# and then we have the Java. Go, JavaScript, and the Node.js extension are some of the most common languages in and around the Silicon Valley. In fact, the operations' department also needs to have their own developing skill which makes them a part of the development team.
Application architecture is also affected by the cloud infrastructure. Micro services architecture is lent with the Web and mobile applications which have a cloud back end infrastructure. For them, the applications can be built from granular, API-accessible services and can be upgraded as and when required. However, even being the most trending part of app development, this is of little relevance to app developers who maintain the line-of-business systems.
Statistical analysis and predictive modeling are the other two points of focus particularly for data scientists and business analysts.
With this survey, it gave the developers a platform to voice their needs and demands regarding the internal communications issues, scoop creep, and operations bottlenecks that need to be addressed.
The survey is a unique opportunity for the developers to take part in the survey and throw light on what the most important features of any enterprise tech are. What's more, you can even keep your name secret!