Looking for a reliable cloud storage for all your basic needs? Google Drive doesn’t offer much, at 15 GB of free storage, but is a pretty handy option nonetheless for storing important files.

Google Drive – Using it on iOS and Android
The reason Google Drive is considered to be the most useful app to posses on iOS and Android is that it helps you to have complete access to your data when online from anywhere. So you really need to know how to use it on both the operating systems. On launching the app, the user finds a list of stored files and folders in Google Drive. The default view is thumbnail which can be changed to a list view by tapping the list icon which can be found in the top menu bar.

To open an item tap it → Tap on ‘i’ icon as this will help open file or folder details screen → You will be able to view what changes were made, who has access, who made them and more details → you can also share, move, rename, delete or download stuff for accessing it offline.

For Android - New Material Design language has been updated to use the Google Drive app with cool animations and a floating button. Tapping on a round red button will give a prompt → you can choose from create a new doc, scan a doc, create a folder, upload a file and creating a docs, sheets or slides document.

For iOS - Tap on “+” icon which is found in top right hand corner. This will help create new doc. In order to access the other options the app must be installed on the device. You may view the documents without the app being installed but may not be able to edit is as limited editing options will be available.

Images, audio, videos and downloads can be accessed by Android users but iOS users can only view images and videos. A file manager such as Astro File Manager will have to be installed by Android users to browse all the files that have been stored on the device.

If you wish to place a new item in a specific folder, then you will need to move to that folder before creating or uploading it. If you fail to do so, the new uploaded file item will be placed in the Google Drive account’s root directory.

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