Are you looking at mobile messaging apps that well, offer you a lot more than just a way to send those regular text messages? Well, you’re in luck because most message applications have improved over the years, and allow everything from stickers to voice calls to be made over it. You don’t have to worry about paying per message as all you need is a working data plan and unlimited data plans can be found in plenty these days. Let’s have a look at the most popular messaging applications available internationally.

Mobile Messaging Applications
  1. WhatsApp
Now a Facebook property, this applications has seen the best rise in the last few years. It has been used globally and has been widely accepted as the best mobile app to send message - without paying a single penny. The app is available to Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia and Blackberry holders only. You can send stickers, voices, images, videos both for personal messages as well as in group chats. Another special feature is that on installing the WhatsApp and registering it, the other WhatsApp contacts will automatically get detected. 

  2. U&Me Messenger:
This popular instant messaging app also comes with the features of unlimited free messaging, bulk picture sharing, voice messaging and more and is available to Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windows phone platforms. some of its unique features like ‘Around Me’ allows the user to find the other U&Me users, banks, ATMs, hospitals, gas stations etc. ‘Events’ , ‘My Wall’ etc. are the other features which will help you share your moods, ideas and thoughts.

  3. Line
This app has been launched by Naver crop of South Korea and grew popular for its distincts features like voice calling and sharing images on top of the traditional messaging options. The best feature about the app is that this platform is available over PC along with the mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, WP8 etc. So, you can make it interesting with the numerous stickers and games that it provides.

  4. Viber
Another well-known messaging application is Viber. You can use it on Wi-Fi or data plan and send unlimited messages or make voice calls for free of cost with the fine video calling feature, Viber has become absolutely special among users of Android, ios, Windows Phone 8. Photos, stickers, emotions, text messages, voices, are the other common features.

  5. Voxer
A newer name in the world of app. Wondering how it stands out from the rest of the apps out there? Well, consider the Walkie Talkie option in it that allows user to send voice messages instantly, quite a handy feature though you can send in Voice messages through Whatsapp too, after a late update in 2014. All Windows, iPhone, Android and WP8 will be able to use it along with the desktop users. Sharing voice messages, photos, texts, live audio will be fun! It’s going to change the scene of voice communication.

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