If you're a parent, you will know just how difficult it is to take care of your child. Whether it be keeping a check on his learning activities or his mental aptitude, parents have to do a lot.

Interactive apps for your kids

Thankfully, when it comes to your child's learning process, the mobile world may make it easier for you to help your child learn in a fun way. Formal education is a major part of their learning of process. You will find a number of useful apps in Android and iOS, which you can install in your smartphone and help your kids learn innovative and interesting things faster than before.
According to the age of the children, five kids’ android apps have been bifurcated into two broad categories.

For age group 2-5 years

1. Farm 123 – Story Jr
Installable in android phones, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, Story Toys is the most appropriate app for kids belonging to the age group 2-5. In this app, there’s a story for the kids, in which they are introduced to Farmer Jo. Here your kids have to help her in looking for all the animals that she has in her farm. The story pops up as a book where the players have to touch the graphics of all the cute animals one by one for listening to their sounds and for counting them. The pop-up first brings up one cow and closes with 10 hens. $2.99 is its best price and has a rating of 4 stars.

2. Beck and Bo Avokiddo
Beck and Bo Avokiddo is the most fitting app for children of 2 to 5 years, installable in Apple phones and Android devices. In this app, Beck and Bo are brothers whom your kids can join in a number of exciting adventures. Riding a train, swimming in the ocean, going on safari and playing in a theme park are some of the interesting activities here, the task of your kids being to arrange the objects in each adventure as these appear on the screen. It is available for $2.99 with rating of 4 stars.

For age group 6-12 years

3. Color Zen Kids
Kids in this app have to find out the background color by observing a bright image. Next they have to fill the scene with that color and by doing this continually they remove all the colors and are left with one. With a rating of 4 stars, this app can be installed on all Apple devices and Android phones.

4. Heads Up!
This is a 4 stars rated free app downloadable in android phones and Apple devices. There’s a game here, which your kids can play with the family members or their friends. A player has to guess the word that is acted out that player by the rest in the group.

For kids of age eight years and above

5. The World of Goo
In this app, the players have to create new structures with sticky balls, the target being to form a structure with a fixed number of balls to finish the puzzle. With a 4 star rating, this app is available at $4.99 for the Apple devices and Android phones.

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