With new and new inventions coming up every day, you don’t want to rely on buying just a smart phone to wow your friends – instead you can buy in cool and trendy gadgets like the Google Glass. The Google Glass is expected to roll out to consumers this year and we already have a list for the top Google Glass apps today.

Google glass apps

Let’s look at some of the best apps for Google glass today.

1. The “Fidelity Market Monitor for Glass” app

To keep a track of the hot deals in the market, this app will help you to manage and trace the expenses. In fact, it will send you notifications when the stocks will reach a certain amount selected according to your priority.

2. MyGlass

It is used to configure and manage the Glass when you are using the Google Glass. The negative thing about this app is it cannot be used in any other android device but only on the Google Glass.

3. GlassMusic

This app will help you to download any music that you ask for, this edition of Google Glass app will prompt you to ask questions and search different kind of music.

4. The “Glass To Phone” app

Want to change anything that you are viewing into a picture? The magic word is "Take a Photograph" and the app will do it for you. It could be easily be synched along with your Google + profile and the pictures will be sent to the android phone from the Glass.

5. Word Lens Translator for Glass

Ranging from signal hoarding to road maps, this app is also very helpful to change words from one language to another depending on you need.

6. Fullscreen BEAM

Just press the camera button to record any video with this app. it has got an amazing recording quality and can be directly uploaded to youtube.

7. KitchMe

For easy voice search on recipes, KitchMe is a good help. It gives a simple view of how the wearable processing can possible affect the day to day lives.

8. Weather Alert

It is a brilliant app to capture the best of the situations depending on certain criteria.  For instance, in good light, the app will shoot the picture of the moment.

9. Glass Feeds

With this app, you will be able to choose your preferred information sources which will send new stories directly to the glass. You can read them later or share with your friends.

10 . Moment Camera

You can say that it’s the automatic camera that Glass uses – and it’s contextual technology ensures that it knows the right time to click pictures. With Moment, you do not need to worry whether the light is enough for the picture to be right  - Moment will ensure that the picture is clicked in the best way possible.