Mobile apps have made the world of smartphones so much more exciting.  While mobile app development has become a buzzing activity over the last couple of years, every app developed is not successful.

User engagement is a necessity but bring in customer loyalty isn’t easy. If you’re looking to build your brand reputation, here’s something that you need to know – you absolutely need to get the right feedback. How do customers perceive your product? What are the shortcomings and how is the user experience? You need to build on the user experience to have better engagement rates. With the plethora of apps available, if your customers expect something more that’s not offered, they can move onto the next available competitive app soon. To understand your customer better, you can take help of feedback tools that will help you assess the performance of your app.

Here is a list of few tools that you can use to get the right feedback.

1. Helpshift: This tool is embedded into the app and provides a direct platform for the developers to interact with the user in the form of a support forum. It also hosts a set of frequently asked questions so that the user needn’t contact the support team for every doubt.

2. Apptentive: This also has a feature for live chat with the user. It is also integrated with CRM, which also supports sales in your app if need be

3. Instabug: The user can directly report bugs to the developer with the help of integrated tools for bug tracking.

4. HelpStack:  This is a free tool that enables users to send screenshots of their queries in the live chat.

5. User Voice: This tool functions as a customer service department for the app and uses ticketing system to handle user queries via email.

6. Collects feedback from users in the form of a video. This is a great advantage as many times the users may not be able to articulate their issue.

7. Survey Monkey: Collects feedback in the form of a survey.

8. AppStark: This is a new tool which helps in live interaction with the users and also maintains analytics of the app.

9. Neemware: This tool inserts feedback questions in the app which randomly appear on the user's screen. The users usually answer as it is just one question.

10. Email: The simplest solution of all, provide an email id to receive the feedback.

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