One of the most sought after smartphones today is the iPhone. The phone is sleek and elegant and is considered a symbol of luxury. Apart from its external brilliance the product also boasts of sound engineering as Apple manufactures both the hardware and software for the device. The interface of the phone is user-friendly. There are many features that are included in the iPhone, namely FaceTime, iCloud, Siri, Passbook, and camera, etc. Apart from these features the greatest benefit of using the iPhone are the apps.

free iphone apps

IPhone has more than 600,000 apps available on the app store. These include both free and paid apps. The apps available on the iPhone are usually safer and secure because of the high standards Apple sets for the developers, before the app is released into the market store. The iPhone usually comes with standard apps which are common to every phone. Each user can download other apps from the app store depending on their needs and interests.

Commemorating the holiday season Apple is offering a few paid apps for free. They are listed below.

My.Shopping:  This app is usually available on the app store for $0.99. My.Shopping puts together your comprehensive shopping ideas in one place. This way you can avoid the confusion of referring to different apps while at the store. Using this app you can shop for items and also track items you are selling. There is also a feature to create shopping lists and maintain the list of the gifts received. This way, it is easier to handle all aspects involved in shopping.

Fotor HDR: With the advent of cameras in the phone, it has become easier to take pictures at a moment’s notice. Many of the phones come equipped with high pixel cameras but in order to convert those pictures into HDR quality, Fotor HDR app will be very helpful. This app is normally available in the app store for $1.99. This app transforms casual pictures into ones that seem to have been taken by a professional photographer.

Foggy: Imagine heading out on a major task and getting drenched in the rain because of forgetting to at the weather forecast. Having an app like foggy can help you to be prepared for any weather condition. It is usually available in the app store for $0.99.It offers a glance at multiple days at one shot. This way you can plan your week in advance. This app is also visually appealing and shows temperatures in both the scales i.e. Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Benjamin Gunships: This app is probably the best bargain on apps this holiday season. This usually retails  for $19.99. It is a game which virtualizes combat helicopters. It is pretty exciting as it involves escaping threats and finishing missions. The users get the 3d effect as they use their phone to direct the helicopter.

If you have been waiting to buy any of these apps, now is the perfect time. What can be a better deal than free?
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