If you are an Android developer, you would be probably worried about which compiler to use before starting out on a new project. Using the right compiler is essential to have easy success on the project. There’s a catch though – the compiler you used the last time may not be the right fit for the project this time.

When choosing a compiler, you need to look at the productivity aspect. While C++ and Java can be the ideal choice of compilers, it all depends on what your project needs. Here is a look at three of the most popular compiler choices for you.
1. Using Deuter IDE

This is the ideal choice for you if you have to compile in tons of languages together. This multiple-language compiling tools has a number of ideal features including automatic indentation and Dropbox Sync.

2. Using AIDE     

Where AIDE scores is its simplicity. You can program Android applications right on your Android device and is compatible with all Eclipse projects. AIDE is free as well and helps build Android apps on the device itself, which means no longer depending on your smart phone.

3. JavaIDEdroid

JavaIDEDroid is another of your choice if you want to develop apps right on the device and the pro version can be bought for around $7.90. There are project templates to help you develop the program easily.

4. Terminal IDE

This is another IDE that helps you program all Java/Android applications easily. There is a custom ASCII on-screen “soft” keyboard for easy programming and the app’s free as well. You can log into telnet to access the Android device from your computer or laptop and the interface being user-friendly, can be quite easy to use the app.

5.  Android Java Editor

This is perhaps one of the simplest compilers out there and is at best a simple editor that can suit your needs if the program you are building is fairly simple. Be it editing source code or creating projects, everything can be done easily and while you cannot run applications with it (with the Java Editor being well, only an editor), it is the right choice to make some quick changes.

Your compiler needs to be something that will help you do everything fast and simple. Choose a compiler that understands your program easily and can compile them fast.